Find Yourself in Mosaic – Jagdish Bharwal (Disha Bharwal), Program Assistant

I can’t tell how much I enjoy my time at Mosaic. Mosaic makes me look forward to coming into the office, most importantly because I am treated with respect, and given daily encouragement.

I am surrounded by a lot of highly driven and successful people who genuinely care about those they work with. I feel honoured to be working amongst professionals whom I can learn from and who often encourage me to take on new challenging opportunities.

In Mosaic, people genuinely care about each other personally and work together as a team while working towards a common goal. I value the friendship everyone has shown me over the past three years at Mosaic.

Mosaic is a great place to work as every team member is often seen with a smile on the face. I am truly honored and proud to be part of the Mosaic Family.