Mosaic’s 10 Year Anniversary

Mosaic is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and also building remarkable memories through these years.

Mosaic's ten year aniiversary logo.

Kezia Abueg (neé Malabanan)

At Mosaic, I had to opportunity to discover positive parenting. Although I am not a parent, I was able to use the lessons from that experience in my personal relationships. I matured greatly mentally during my time at Mosaic, and I discovered a good version of me that I haven’t met before. Whenever I feel… Read more »

Linda Xie, Financial Director

I am an immigrant. I was very confused and not sure what I could do in Canada when I just arrived here. I was a certified professional accountant in China. I loved my profession. However, with a language barrier and totally different culture and society, would I be able to work in my field and… Read more »

Mimi Saha

Mosaic came as a turning point in my life, Mosaic has a very special place in my life, my first ever work started from this place which really helped me built up my confidence. To name some special people Jean, Melinda, Shamail, Gabriella and Alana, who gave me a place to grow and work together… Read more »

Razia Sultana

After came to Canada I started my journey with mosaic. I’m really really appreciate to mosaic to teach me English language. Without mosaic’s help I can’t adopt in my new country. Also, They teach us Canadian culture and society. That’s very important for every newcomers to adopt in new society. Mosaic is my second home…. Read more »