Every Move Has A Story

Would it ever stop snowing? That was the cry that Kezia, our brand new Program Assistant, heard over and over. How could we move with all of this snow? Would the space even be ready? The renovation was delayed, for this and that reason, but we were patient and happy knowing that we would soon have a home. When the day came, and the renovations were close to being completed, a mover was called and the final complicated arrangements were made; 4 pick-up locations, lots of stuff, and one final destination.

It started out with a bang, it was snowing of course, and the movers didn’t show up; so into my little car went the first load. Then a panicked phone call to Brian, our reliable handyman, his accent gives him away as being born in England, always ready to help, him and his van. When news of the movers abandonment spread, Kezia and Tara, and Mahari, who had been in Canada for all of one week, came to the rescue, and somehow, this small troupe got it all done. And of course this was just the beginning, the unpacking, the setting up, the deliveries of new furniture, the year end madness, all descended upon us at that same time. This is Mosaic’s first home.

Before, our off-site locations were supported by travelling staff working from their homes, and cars; we’ve been a collection of dedicated, if itinerant people, without a place to call our own. Many thanks to all of the volunteers, spouses and children included, who came out and helped unpack, organize and who brought flowers and tea to keep us going.

I’d also like to thank the John Howard Society for providing an office for us for the last 3 years, where we started and from where we grew, and finally, the Adult Language Training Branch, especially Julie Fine and Jo-Anne Schick, who believe in Mosaic and who had the vision to support our goal. We survived the move, of course, it was over in a day or so, now we have the rest of our future to plan.

Val Cavers, Executive Director