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This is a list of all our programs, which may or may not be currently available. For current programs only, please go to Current Family Programs. To be notified when new programs are added, sign up for our Mailing List.

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Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting

“Positive Discipline” describes a non-violent approach to teaching our children while being respectful of the child as a learner and individual human being. **Wednesday PDEP Program – No session on Nov 27th For the PDEP 1-1 Home Visiting Program in First Language option, please fill referral form 1-1 PDEP (pdf file) or email to for more information on… Read more »

Nobody’s Perfect

The program aims to encourage sharing and learning together. Participants also get to meet with newcomer parents and talk about being a parent in Canada. This is also a way for each parent to practice their English language skills through conversation circles. ** Please bring along your Permanent Resident card for registration.

Handle with Care

Helping parents and caregivers promote the mental health of young children.   *Please bring along your Permanent Resident card for registration.    

Play to Learn, Learn to Play

Enjoy learning and playing with your child and with other parents.   *Please bring along your Permanent Resident card for registration. *Please bring along your child’s Permanent Resident card for registration.

The Newcomer Youth Summer Art program

The Newcomer Youth Summer Arts Program is a high energy, fun-filled Arts program for Newcomer youth ages 6 – 11 and will include painting, drawing, various craft projects, storytelling, drama, and music. *No Session on Aug 5 Pre-registration needed Please register your child with Reem: (204)510-8216 or email: