Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting

Mosaic is offering Positive Discipline 1-to-1 , trained peer mentors make weekly visits to the homes of newcomer parents who speak the same first language. A childcare worker will be present to engage the children while the parents learn about Positive Discipline. Each home visitor is accompanied by a childcare worker who brings a fun selection of toys and activities. Mosaic is currently seeking funding to continue to offer Positive 1 – 1.

For the PDEP 1-1 Home Visiting Program in First Language option, please fill referral form PDEP 1-1 (pdf file) or email; NFanous@mosaicnet.ca for more information on this option. Limited spots available.

Our co-ordinator will contact you for a confirmation. In case you didn’t have a chance to do so before the program, please come to the program directly.


Register by email: Contact Neveen at NFanous@mosaicnet.ca, or
by phone: (204) 774-7311, or