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Mosaic Minder Fall 2015

Our Fall 2015 newsletter is out! Click Here to view. In this issue: Fall Mingle 2015 Boulevard Reconstruction PDEP Facilitator Training in Newfoundland and Labrador Photos from Fall ….and much more!

Mosaic Facilitators

Mosaic is proud of our enthusiastic and caring facilitators! Please watch this video to see Mosaic facilitators. Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting – Facilitators from Mosaic.

Mosaic Minder Summer 2015

Our Summer 2015 newsletter is out! Click Here to view. In this issue: Family Literacy Day in a Box Mosaic AGM and New Board of Directors Volunteer Profile: Mercedita Photos from Summer ….and much more!

Mosaic Minder Spring 2015

Our Spring 2015 newsletter is out! Click Here to view. In this issue: Mosaic’s New Partnership Mosaic Classroom, Family Programs, and Childcare Volunteers Volunteers’ Appreciation Messages Family Programs Schedule Photos from Winter and Spring ….and much more!  

Mosaic Minder Fall 2014

Our Fall 2014 newsletter is out! Click Here to view. In this issue: My Short and Beautiful Time at Mosaic Mosaic to Double (Almost) in Size! Volunteer Profile Positive Discipline Training in Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya Fall Mingle ‘14 ….and many more!  

One to One Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting in Your First Language in Your Home

 “Positive Discipline” describes a non-violent approach to teaching our children, while being respectful of the child as a learner and individual human being. Mosaic is offering a limited number of 1-1 Positive Discipline programs done by our trained peer mentors in the homes of newcomer parents in their first language. A childcare worker will accompany… Read more »

Mosaic Minder Summer 2014

Our Summer 2014 newsletter is out! Click here to view. In this issue: Mosaic, My Second Home Ladies on the Street The Next 5 Years Thank you Winnipeg Foundation! Hello from Ethiopia Bounce Back & Thrive Curling Field Trip Computers for Schools Story Time with Leigh-Anne Kehler Photos from Kezia’s Farewell and Mosaic’s Annual Picnic!

Call for volunteers for a study

Are you a graduate of a Positive Discipline program? Do you want to share your experience as a newcomer and as a parent? Gia Ly from the University of Manitoba is looking for participants for her research. If you are a newcomer parent who has attended a Positive Discipline program in Winnipeg, we need your… Read more »