Doreen Kanagwa

Volunteer Doreen Kanagwa

I first got the idea to work at Mosaic from Nan Anderson, a Mosaic teacher. We met at a charity dinner and started to talk about various volunteer opportunities in Downtown Winnipeg. She told me about Mosaic and what it was all about; the Family Literacy and Parenting Programs. I then thought to myself that a place with such an artistic name must surely be a wonderful place to volunteer at. More importantly, I loved Mosaic's objectives and just wanted to offer my help and consequently learn and polish a few skills in the process. In my country, Uganda, there is a belief that there is no better way to acquire and improve upon one's skills than in service to the community. Currently, I volunteer at the Downtown location. Often I notice some of the ladies who come in for the classes staring curiously at me and wondering what exactly it is that I am doing at Mosaic. I just smile and say,"Hello. I am an office volunteer." The best part about volunteering at Mosaic is the serene atmosphere. I always think of it as an Amazonian village as there are hardly any men around, the ladies sit attentively, absorbing the knowledge during their programs, the children sing and converse with each other, shouting, "Hello!" to anyone passing by the play room. Last but not least are the quick warm smiles and the moments of laughter we share. Mosaic is always such a happy place that it feels like I'm working from home!