Linda Xie, Financial Director

I am an immigrant. I was very confused and not sure what I could do in Canada when I just arrived here. I was a certified professional accountant in China. I loved my profession. However, with a language barrier and totally different culture and society, would I be able to work in my field and integrate into this society? I seriously doubted it. To be able to work on my profession and to be an independent working woman in Canada was my dream. Ten years ago, a great opportunity came to me. I was so lucky to meet with Val, the nicest person that I have ever seen! Val has very strong leadership and sharp eyes for the agency’s vision and mission. Under her leadership and guidance, Mosaic was formed. I was chosen to be an accountant for Mosaic, which was what I really wanted to be! I was very happy and honoured that I could use my knowledge and skills in work. I loved my job. Mosaic welcomes immigrants to join its team. It provides a lot of opportunities to newcomers. 75% of our staff identify themselves being born outside of Canada. Many of them are newcomers and this is their first job in Canada. Working in this respectful and multicultural environment makes me feel this is where I belong. I am trusted and respected. My work is highly valued and recognized. I have regained my confidence and no longer feel that I am a “person on the edge”, which means that I am neither a Chinese nor a Canadian. I am finding myself in Mosaic! Over the past ten years, with Val’s excellent leadership and all “Mosaicor”s’ hard work, we have been growing from 20 staff to today’s 72 staff. Our annual funding income increased from $260,000 in 2009 to 3 million now! We are serving over 500 clients and 400 children, and become the largest LINC with CNC service provider across Canada! We grow with Mosaic, too. Many newcomers including the previous participants were trained to be our child care assistants, program coordinators, family program facilitators and lead mentors. We have developed useful skills through the work. Today some of us (including me) are in the agency’s management team. We found and realized our own value in Canada! Looking back on it, joining Mosaic ten years ago was a significant milestone in my life journey. Thanks Mosaic, thanks our amazing ED Val and all wonderful colleagues, you make my dream come true!

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