Carol Moeller
ESL Classroom volunteer and Admin volunteer

Volunteering at Mosaic on a regular basis has providing me with a feeling of purpose in my retirement years. I feel that I can contribute to society in a meaningful way and that is important to me. In return, I go to a place where I feel welcomed and valued. It does not matter to me if I am cleaning a table, photocopying, or helping a learner with phonics.
Mosaic does feel like a community of people working together, not only at Carlton or the other sites, but with other organizations like local churches or neighbourhood and cultural associations.
So much more goes on than the teaching of English to the adult clients. Through the family programs, the childcare, the settlement support, the family resource centre, the whole of the person or family can be supported.
My grandparents immigrated to this country with little or no knowledge of the English language. I wonder what services were provided to them in the 1920 and 30s. When they were alive, I did not think about this and now I wish I had asked these questions.
The world has changed a lot in a century but one thing remains the same. People immigrate with the hope of a better life and future, for themselves and their children.
Mosaic is a place that allows people not only to survive but to thrive, clients, staff, and volunteers.
And the world is so much better if we are all thriving.