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Mosaic – Newcomer Family Resource Network is seeking members for our volunteer Board of Directors

Mosaic – Newcomer Family Resource Network is seeking members for our volunteer Board of Directors

Mosaic – Newcomer Family Resource Network is a rights-based organization that provides newcomer parents and primary care-givers with opportunities to develop additional language and life skills that lead towards contributing to and sharing in the benefits of their new communities

Responsibility of the Board

The Mosaic Board of Directors has the responsibility for general supervision of the affairs of the organization, in an advisory capacity, as specified in the bylaws.

Specifically the Board is responsible for:

  • Working with the Senior Management team to develop a long-range strategic plan for the organization
  • Overseeing the Executive Director, including hiring, termination, performance evaluations and overall suitability for the management of the organization
  • Ensuring that the organization is carrying out its purpose as stated in the bylaws
  • Monitoring the Organization’s financial health and investments
  • Providing professional assistance as required by the organization determined either by Board decision, or Executive Director request

Position Description – Member at Large

General Responsibilities

To ensure the Board achieves the goals it establishes each year



  • Commitment to the Organization and its purpose
  • Ability to listen to all sides with an open mind when making decisions
  • Lived experience as a newcomer to Canada, connection to a racialized community, lived experience as a child of an immigrant family
  • We are particularly in need of board members who have the following professional experience: Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, Early Childhood Development, English as an Additional Language Training, Policy Analysis, Employment Law

Specific Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the Board develops objectives and a strategic plan of action and information is reported back to the board
  • Attend board and general meetings

Time Required

  • 7-10 Board meetings per year including Strategic Planning session
  • Committee meetings as required
  • 1 AGM annually

Length of Commitment

3 year commitment. Under extenuating circumstances a term of office may be extended to exceed two years at the discretion of the nominating committee

Responsible To:  Mosaic membership and Chair

How to apply: 

Please send your resume and cover letter expressing your interest in joining the Mosaic board of directors to:

Val Cavers
Executive Director

 Deadline to apply: January 31, 2022

Mosaic welcomes volunteers in all of our programmes

You can volunteer in the following areas:

  • English Classes
  • Family Programs
  • Childcare
  • Administrative support

Would you like to volunteer with Mosaic?

We’d love to have you!

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For more information, you can contact: Geraldine Gruszczyk

Thanks to all our volunteers! You can meet some of them here.