Volunteer with Mosaic

You can volunteer in the following areas:

  • English Classes (Online and in-presence)
  • Family Programs
  • Childcare
  • Administrative support
  • Traditional and cultural arts and craft

SUMMER 2022:

  • New* Gardening opportunities
  • Canada Day

What are the requirements?

Criminal Record Check
Respect and Confidentiality Agreement
Customer Standard Training Certificate
Proof of vaccination

Add these documents for Childcare (CH) and Family Program (FP) volunteers:
Child Abuse Registry

Add only for CH:
Mosaic Care for Newcomer Children Child Abuse Policy and Procedures  (CH)
Children Program Behavior guidance policy  (CH)

​Add only for FP:
Positive Discipline  in everyday parenting (9 sessions)

Would you like to volunteer with Mosaic?

We’d love to have you!

Volunteer Application Form


For more information, you can contact: Geraldine Gruszczyk

Thanks to all our volunteers! You can meet some of them here.