About Mosaic

Mission Statement

Mosaic – Newcomer Family Resource Network is a rights-based organization that provides newcomer parents and primary caregivers with opportunities to develop additional language and parenting skills to build the confidence and independence needed to participate actively in community life, so they may contribute to and share in the benefits of their new communities.

Our Mission

Mosaic is a neighbourhood language learning program, and family resource network.  The agency’s aim is to provide English classes with quality childcare, along with parenting and settlement support for newcomer parents. The classes and programmes help participants develop English language skills and a social network while their children socialize in a safe and educational environment.

Mosaic offers a range of family programming throughout the year and throughout the city of Winnipeg. We have adapted programmes like Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting, and Nobody’s Perfect to be accessible for newcomers with low English levels. Our goal is to help newcomers adjust to life in Canada so that they can become active, participating members of their new community.

Many newcomer parents find parenting in Canada a daunting task. There are  social and legal responsibilities that are new for them. Mosaic programmes focus on child and parent attachment. We emphasis parents as the child’s first teacher, and we encourage newcomer parents to share the wealth of parenting information that they bring from their culture.

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Mosaic History

Community-based language programs have existed in Winnipeg since 1983. Most of the classes are held at elementary schools and churches in neighbourhoods with higher immigrant populations. Many of these classes are run by large organizations, like school divisions. In 2008, the Adult Language Training Branch of the Province of Manitoba identified 5 community programs being run independently, and met with stakeholders to develop a plan that would secure the 5 programs and make any expansion of community-based classes more coordinated.

Mosaic – Newcomer Family Resource Network was established to meet those requirements, and in 2009 the 5 independent language classes formed the basis of the new agency.

Today, each Mosaic site has a coordinator responsible for overseeing the community side of the program, providing resources and referrals to students. All Mosaic staff members are strongly committed to strengthening and supporting newcomer families.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2023/2024

Annual Report 2022/2023

Annual Report 2021/2022

Annual Report 2020/2021

Annual Report 2019/2020

Annual Report 2018/2019

Funders (past and present)

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our financial supporters:

  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Manitoba Community Services Council
  • Communities 4 Families – Downtown Parent and Child Coalition
  • Province of Manitoba, Housing and Community Development – Neighbourhoods Alive!, LIFT, Community Places
  • Winnipeg Foundation Community Grants
    • Winnipeg Foundation Literacy for Life
    • Winnipeg Foundation Nourishing Potential
    • Winnipeg Foundation Youth in Philanthropy Grants
    • Winnipeg Foundation Professional Development Grants
  • Thomas Sill Foundation
  • Canada  Helps – Donations
  • Forks North Portage Partnership
  • Grand Challenges
  • Healthy  Together Now
  • Ladies of the Street Choir
  • Manitoba First Nations Educational Resource Centre
  • Province of Manitoba – Healthy Living, Seniors and Community Affairs
  • Social Services and Humanities Research Council – connection grant
  • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
  • South Winnipeg Family Information Centre
  • Assiniboine Credit Union
  • Families and Communities Together Coalition
  • General Authority Community Council
  • Jewish Foundation – Women’s Endowment Fund
  • Manitoba Hydro Employee Fund
  • Winnipeg Community Infrastructure Program
  • LUSH Cosmetics
  • The Canadian Red Cross
  • City of Winnipeg – Winnipeg Committee for Safety
  • Bell Canada – Bell Let’s Talk